A Comprehensive Guide to 3D Resin Printers: How Much Are They in 2024?

on October 16, 2023

Used across a wide range of industries, 3D printers have become synonymous with innovation, precision, and creativity. From at-home printers for individual use to commercial 3D printers with optimal precision, there are endless options to consider.

However, finding the right 3D printer at the right price point is crucial to success. Here, we take a closer look at 3D resin printers and discover what they can offer, why they’re so popular, and how much they are in 2024.

What Are 3D Resin Printers?

3D printing turns a digital file into a replica three-dimensional object, but there are many different types of 3D printers. As the name suggests, 3D resin printers use liquid resin to create the object, compared to FDM (or filament) 3D printers that create the final output by placing plastic filaments layer by layer in accordance with the input file.

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As 3D resin printers use light to solidify the resin at each level, they can achieve a high degree of detail. Due to this, they are most popular amongst users who want to create delicate, detailed, or precise 3D models. 

There are many different types of resins that can be used for 3D printing. With specialist resins designed for medical use or resins that replicate the properties of other materials, such as ceramics or metals, this method of 3D printing can be used successfully across a variety of different applications. 

As 3D resin models are solidified (or ‘cured’) level by level, they are known for their strength and durability. For this reason, resin printers are also popular if the printed object is required for functional use. 

Please note: if your 3D printer resin has expired, the quality of your print may be affected.

How Much Are 3D Resin Printers?

The high degree of accuracy and precision that can be achieved via 3D resin printers does tend to result in a higher price tag than other types of 3D printers. Filament printers can often be obtained more cheaply, for example, but won’t deliver the same level of detail that a 3D resin printer will. 

While you can expect to pay a little more for a 3D resin printer, it can certainly be a worthwhile investment. Indeed, the enhanced output and unrivalled detail that can be achieved with 3D resin printing makes the associated cost a justifiable investment for many users. 

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If you’re wondering, how much are 3D resin printers, take a look at our range of 3D resin printers below and get a better idea of what you can get within your budget:

Solus Pro 3D Printer

The Solus Pro 3D Printer comes with a price tag of £8,500, which is at the lower end of the pricing range for 3D resin printers. Despite this, you won’t be disappointed with its features or functionality. The next-gen version of the original and highly regarded Solus 3D printer, it features an industrial quality UV LED DLP projector, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and a 80mm x 45mm x 110mm build area. 

Delivering 42-micron XY resolution and down to 10 micron Z layer thickness, its known for its incredible print quality and high-speed performance, as well as its cutting-edge Solus Contour software, ready-to-print functionality, and compatibility with all resins on the market.

Asiga Max X

The Asiga Max X is available in three resolutions – 27, 35, or 43 microns – and features an industrial-grade projector in 385nm or 405nm. With prices starting at £8,850, the Asiga Max X offers exceptional performance at a relatively low price point. 

Its SPS Smart-Positioning System Technology and automatic cure time adjustment ensures perfect precision with every print, which is why it’s one of the most popular 3D resin printers on the market.

B9 Core Series

Both the B9 Core 530 and B9 Core 550 offer exceptional performance at starting price of £9,400. The B9 Core 530 offers print speeds of up to 120mm/hr with 30 µm resolution, while the B9 Core 550 can deliver up to 100mm/hr with 50 µm resolution. 

If you’re looking for precision and quality, the B9 Core Series certainly delivers, While the B9 Core 530 operates at a finer resolution, the B9 Core 550 is ideal for high-volume businesses where speed and production are top priorities.

B9 Core 500 Med

Designed for the medical industry, the B9 Core 500 Med boasts an IEC 60601-1 rating and is manufactured in a facility with IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2, so you can be confident that this 3D resin printer will deliver optimal performance and reliability for medical applications.

Priced at £10,440, it’s a fantastic investment for specialist printing or critical applications and its 15 – 120+ mm/hr build speed ensures fast design-to-production speeds too.

ProtoSpeed Rapid DLP 3D Printer

Offering a printing capability of 50-65mm per hour at a 50µm layer thickness, the ProtoSpeed Rapid DLP 3D Printer is known for its super-fast performance. Designed for jewellery manufacturing, dental, and industrial applications, it’s a compact 3D printer that’s well worth its £15,000 price tag.

Featuring a life-long vat that’s capable of up to 1000 prints, there’s no need for frequent tray changes or calibration adjustments. Instead, you can rely on the ProtoSpeed Rapid DLP 3D Printer for fast, precision printing, every time.

Asiga Pro 4K

A state-of-the-art 3D resin printer, the Asiga Pro 4K comes in either a 65-micron or 80-micron configuration with either a 405nm or 385nm (UV) light source. All options provide highly detailed prints, with enhanced precision making it ideal for dental, audiology, or jewellery projects. 

With single point calibration, fast material change-over, and remote access and control, the Asiga Pro 4K can be used for high volume 3D printing, without compromising quality, detail, or performance. To find out more about pricing options for the Asiga Pro 4K, get in touch with our team now.

ProtoSpeed Magnus 3D Printer

Combining high precision, smooth surface, and high printing speeds, the ProtoSpeed Magnus 3D Printer is available in two variations: V1 (52 µm) and V2 (41 µm). With build volumes of 134x75x112mm (V1) and 115x59x112mm (V2) along with an LED wavelength of 405 µm, the ProtoSpeed Magnus 3D Printer offers exceptional performance and industry-grade precision. For more pricing information, contact our team today.

What’s the Best 3D Resin Printer?

All of our 3D resins printers offer impressive performance and optimal outputs, but the best printer depends on its intended application, volume of use, and budget.

To find out more about our range or for assistance with finding the best 3D resin printer for your needs, browse our collection of resin printers or contact us directly if you want some tailored advice!