Bluecast X Mono

Bluecast X Mono

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8.9 inch (22.6 cm) 4K monochrome LCD 190*120-200mm Printing Volume

An 8.9 inch LCD display with  True 4K resolution enables larger prints, more details, and extraordinary accuracy.

Faster printing speed

The Operating speed of the Bluecast X-Mono is 30% faster than the stock variation. 

Optimized matrix UV light source

High-quality quartz lamps and a new matrix design optimized by Bluecast Make the X-Mono the best option for Jewellery and Dental Applications.

Improved resin tank

A Special composite FEP film improve the platform peeling making every print perfect*

Stronger structure

The stronger structure uses dual guide rails and the lift is provided with high accuracy ball screws. The accuracy of the Z-axis can thus reach 0.00125 mm.

Quiet operation

The Z-axis motor of the X-Mono is equipped with a TMC2209 chip. This makes printing very quiet and pleasant.

Chitubox Software

The printer comes with a USB with Chitubox 1.8.1 with preconfigured profiles and settings for All Bluecast Resin. 

Big touch screen

A 4.3 inch high-resolution touchscreen.