Liqcreate - Composite-X
Liqcreate - Composite-X
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Liqcreate - Composite-X

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Liqcreate Composite-X is an extremely stiff, high performance nano-micro reinforced composite resin for SLA, DLP & LCD/MSLA in the range of 385 - 420nm. Perfect for fast tooling, wind tunnel testing and industrial applications.

Liqcreate Composite-X is one of the stiffest and strongest materials available on the market. It has a flexural modulus greater than 9000 MPa and a flexural strength of 150-170 MPa. The material can be used after UV post-curing, or its properties can be enhanced by thermal curing. This material has characteristics such as excellent chemical resistance, high strength and high rigidity.

Liqcreate Composite-X high strength Liqcreate Composite-X Nano Reinforced high rigidity Liqcreate Composite-X extremely low shrinkage resin

High resistance              

Nano Reinforced              

Low shrinkage


Appearance                                      Opaque white liquid
Viscosity 1400 cps at 25°C
Density 1.52g/ cm3
c 9.55 mJ/cm 2
p metric 0.18mm
p imperial 7.09 mils