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BlueCast Easy Lab 3D Scanner

The BlueCast Easy Lab 3D scanner represents a pinnacle of technological excellence in 3D scan...


The BlueCast Easy Lab 3D scanner represents a pinnacle of technological excellence in 3D scanning, tailored specifically for the jewellery industry.

Developed in Italy by Open Tech 3D in collaboration with BlueCast, a leader in the jewellery sector, this scanner is designed to meet the highest standards of precision and detail required by professional goldsmiths and jewellery designers.

Made-to-order: 2-3 weeks delivery.

Key Features:

  • Absolute Precision: The BlueCast Easy Lab captures every curve, crease, and intricate detail with superior precision, surpassing competitor capabilities.
  • Adaptability and User-Friendliness: With a flexible and intuitive design, it accommodates various jewellery sizes and shapes, ensuring a smooth and accessible scanning experience.
  • Stable Scanning Field: Offers a predefined scanning field, reducing the need for complex calibration processes and enabling simultaneous scanning of multiple rings.
  • Custom Software: Equipped with 3D VERTEX PRO software, featuring a clear and structured user interface, free lifetime updates, and customised scanning strategies for various jewellery types.
  • Advanced Optical Head: Utilises high-resolution cameras and automatic movement systems, ensuring solid and reliable performance.
  • Filament Dryer Box: Keeps filament dry while monitoring humidity and quality, maintaining optimal condition for high-quality prints.
  • AI Support: Incorporates Lidar detection for precise calibration and auto-bed levelling, filament detection to prevent blockages, and a camera for real-time monitoring and timelapse creation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Features automatic sleep mode and auto power-off functions, with an air filter to prevent the release of harmful substances.

Technical Specifications

Accuracy 0.025 mm
Resolution 0.010 mm (minimum acquirable detail)
Camera Resolution 5 Mpx
Scanning Area     150 x 110 x 90 mm
Export Formats     Mesh (OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF) / Point Cloud (ASC)
Scanning Technology     Structured Light
Processor Requirements     Intel I5 or Ryzen 5
Graphics Card GEForce 4MB - AMD Radeon
RAM     8 GB
Connections HDMI - 1 USB3.0
Operating System     Windows 7 or higher